Theatrescapes. Mapping Global Theatre Histories

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International conference "Theatrescapes – Global Media and Translocal Publics (1850-1950)" (June 2014)

Conference: Theatre, Globalization and the Cold War

International conference (sponsored by Fritz Thyssen Foundation)

Time: 19-21 June, 2014

Venue: IBZ, Amalienstrasse 38, 80799 München

Organisation and contact: Dr. Nic Leonhardt

LMU, Theatre Studies, Georgenstrasse 11, D-80799 Munich, Germany

Check out the blog for ongoing updates on the conference. This blog (the new official blog of the Theatrescapes project) will be serving as a plattform for postings, videos and updates related to the conference as of now.

Watch conference lectures and interviews ("Before the Conference: Expectations") in our Theatrescapes sciencecast videos